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We know Engagement Rings are the symbol of enduring love. Be assured: every element of how our rings are designed and made is done with utmost love, care and respect. We are passionate about designing rings that stand out from the mainstream. We design in the modern aesthetic but remain respectful of design classics such as the "Three Stone Engagement Ring", the "Solitaire Engagement Ring" and the "Princess Engagement Ring".

Welcome to 1791 Diamonds Pty Australia.


Engagement Rings

All our engagement rings are designed by ourselves. They are completely unique to 1791 and are available exclusively via this web site. We are able to courier engagement rings, fully insured by us, to you almost anywhere. We also offer a full no-quibble refund.

Diamond Rings

Aside from our engagement rings, we have a whole range of wonderful diamond rings. The diamonds we use are selected from catalogues around the world. They all have to meet our rigorous quality standards. This way, you know that whatever Carat Weight, Cut, Colour and Clarity you select, you will always get a wonderful diamond because we will have taken care of all the other factors such as fluorescence, transparency, dark table inclusions, table and depth percentages, crown height, etc.

White Gold Engagement Rings

All our yellow & white gold engagement rings are made from 18 karat(kt) gold. This is the purest gold that is suitable for making rings from. All 18kt gold has a small amount of others metals such as silver mixed with it, to create an alloy that retains the warm lustrous glow of pure gold but is strong enough to be worn as a ring.

Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum is an excellent choice for an engagement ring, diamond ring or wedding band. Platinum has the benefit of being hypo allergenic, so if you are allergic to gold, or any of the metals used in the alloy, then Platinum is a most excellent choice. Platinum is currently a little more expensive than either yellow or white gold because it is somewhat rarer. All our platinum is 950 grade.

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